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5 definitions by Beef Brady

Slightly less vulgar term for "fucking nuts."
You're nucking futs if you say that to a cop!
by Beef Brady February 03, 2003
187 61
A pejorative term for an island kid ("Puerto Rican" person) who mimicks language, dress and mannerisms of black ghetto kids.
These spiggers are mouthin' off like they know what it's like in da 'ood.
by Beef Brady January 16, 2003
180 78
Lazy slang for "hood"
These white boys don't know what it be like all up in da 'ood.
by Beef Brady January 16, 2003
5 5
Excess skin in and around the vagina.
I done tore that bitch up, now all she's got is clit lettuce.
by Beef Brady January 16, 2003
13 29
one who prefers sexual mates under a legal age applied by the state.
The jailbait got nailed by a floyd.
by Beef Brady January 25, 2003
23 53