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A car of great reliability at a unrealistically cheap price. A korean car manufacturing company that has developed a lot since its pitiful "hyundai pony" that rivals lawn mowers.
Friend 1: Oh shit nigga nice ride
Friend 2: I ain't a nigga ima gook and its a hyundai
Friend 1: How much?
Friend 2: How much was ur burger at BK?
Friend 1: 5 bux
Friend 2: You shoulda bought the car man..
by Bee Kay June 11, 2005
Phrase; Strait up pug ugly face. Usually used on women as a derrogative phrase without them suspecting it.
Usually used between friends to put down an ugly girl without offending the beeyotch.
Friend 1:
oh mah gawd man, look at that b1tch's face.
Friend 2:
DAMNNN she hella gangster in the face..
Friend 1:
No shit idiot.
What does gangster in the face mean?
Friend 1 + 2:
by Bee Kay June 11, 2005
Korean curse word; meaning Fuck
It is used mostly by itself. However;
Can be connected with other korean swear words:

The Four Variations of the word "fucker" using Shi Barl
Shi Barl Sek Gi < Fucking Bastard
Shi Barl Nom < Fucker
Shi Barl Nyun < Fucking Bitch
Shi Barl Geh Nyun < Fucking Dog Bitch
Friend 1:
Ay my car got jacked up kim
Friend 2:
Ay shibarl
Friend 2:
I swear Lee did it man
Friend 1:
That shi barl sek gi
by Bee Kay June 11, 2005

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