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The "Torpedo sandwich" at Quiznos; a horrible tasting sandwich that is shaped exactly like a dick, the image of which is augmented by mayonnaise dripping out the front of it.
Max: I got the Torpedo at Quiznos, it was disgusting.
Chris: Haha Max, you ate a schlongwich!
by Bedlam 1-2-3 April 26, 2009
A group of men, 3 or greater, standing in a circle, giving each other Dutch rudders. This can be done by having each person put their right hand on their penis, and their left hand on the adjacent person's arm; or vice versa.
Person #1: Hey who wants a Dutch rudder?!
Person #2: I want in on that.
Person #3: Hey, me too!
Person #4: Let's Daisy chain this!
by Bedlam 1-2-3 May 02, 2009

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