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UCB's = abbreviation for Uncooked Chocolate Bars.

The most amazing of amazing chocolateybiscuitness made by Tubs using her own secret recipe. (by secret we mean one that you could probably get anywhere but she has the magic touch)
"oh my god Tubs those UCB's you made are yummy"
by Becky Lord April 12, 2008
To tiptoe around with exaggerated leg movements and your hands in a 'creeping' position in attempt to be quiet
Becky: "Lem! Ssssh...kates asleep"
Lem starts to creep
Lem: "It's ok im creeping. creep. creep. creep."
by Becky Lord April 13, 2008
Elaine: the mum with the extreme fondness of tupperware and who washes out take-away chinese tubs to keep even, though she already has a lifetime supply of tubs.

*EVERYTHING must go in a tub!*
"love you tubs!" instead of "love you mum!"
by Becky Lord April 12, 2008
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