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Small Red little Bugs with black spots, that eat Aphids and are very BEAUTIFUL..

4--L(:|:)a(:|:)d(:|:) Y--0( :|:)b(:|:)u(:|:)G--8
"Ladybugs are the Beautifulest bugs on earth!"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 18, 2006
Nasty Girl, is a Girl who no Longer cares about her Reputation and that likes to get bone down and suck up guys and shit like that, deffinately someone you dont want to be friends with..
"so that chick i hooked up with lasst niight, Man! , she was a Nasty Girl"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 17, 2006
You might've heard about it, you might wonder what it is.. its a GROUP known by its pretty girls.. originated in California THE HC408..

short for: THE HOOCHIE CLAN 408

Known by its preety girls, THE HC408 gets down with the Bay, taking, Gilroy and San Jose.
"What is THE HC408?"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 17, 2006
Girls that like to have lots and lots of Fun, and get WILD, and sometimes a little CRAZY, are known to be LOUD and FUNNY, very PRETTy and SEXY.. that like to mess with GUYS without anybody else knowing.. BEING a hoochie is being yourself and nothing else.
"Damn!, those girls from THEHC408, are FUCKING loud and PHAT, they really are SOME HOOCHIES!.."
by Beautiful Ladybug October 11, 2006
dat .::¤*BEAUTIFUL*¤::. Garlic Town Putting it down for the G-TOWN.. GILROY,CALI Baby.. DOIN ITS THING..
"Gilroy Be the Hottest Town in the BAY!
by Beautiful Ladybug October 17, 2006

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