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2 definitions by Beauson

When your outdoors and you get tired of chewing your gum so you spit your gum up in the air and drop kick it as far as you can. Can sometimes turn into a competition if your with friends.
Chody: Dude did you just see my gum punt!?

Blainer: Yeah man! it freaking landed in the back of that dudes truck!
by Beauson March 10, 2011
When you come out of a dance pissed at the world because you didn't have any luck getting your grind on with the ladies.
Hugh Jass: Ahh dude I'm so pissed!!!

Mike Hunt: Why?

Hugh Jass: I have the dancing dumps, I didn't grind with a single girl at the dance last night.

Mike Hunt: That's a bummer
by Beauson March 10, 2011