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The first three definitions say it all :) Chalga fans like to call the style pop-folk because "chalga' sounds disguisting. In a matter of fact the same fans call "techno" every track that has a different drumbeat from chalga, hip-hop and metal - for chalga fans there are no other musical genres besides those :)

The first popular chalga songs were released in the years after 1989 (after the communist regime fell down). In these years bulgarians suffered very low salaries, expensive products and mafia governments. So songs like Slavi Trifonov's "A red-colorred Ferrari" has made most of these people happy while drinking to forget their problems :)

In present days chalga has become an enormous commercial project driven by those who know that big percent of the bulgarians are stupid. The text haven't changed and the songs still represent the gipsy life: a poor and miserable life. The producers fill the gaps in the songs with bulgarian native motives.

Chalga is not a musical genre only - it is also a way of living. This life includes buying cheap clothes that look expensive (to be "fashion" :) ), drinking alcohol without measure, making sex at very low age (there's a chalga group which members are 10 year old whores - "Little Panteras")

When you ask a man why is he listening to chalga he is not going to give you a reasonable answer. When you ask the same man why the chalga texts are so stupid his answer will be: "Metal texts are also stupid". I already told you about chalga fans' musical culture :)

Chalga singers are three types: males (mostly gay looking, kilograms of make-up on their faces), females (the same as males only they have bigger breasts and sing in another octave :) ) and true gays-hermaphrodites (they give birth at a concert at the stadium and the public is happy about this... this is true, i know you are stunned)

BG chalga producers release mostly 1:1 copies from other artists' tracks from Serbia, Greece and the other Balkan countries. Only the language is changed. In the other parts of the world this will be matter of prosecution but in Bulgaria the result is richer producers :)

Don't listen to chalga or you'll end up at the highway ;)
Slavi Trifonov - "A red-colorred Ferrari"

...A red-colorred Ferrari, one for you and one for me...
...Give me the number of God and i'll give him a call...

Amet - "Guci, Guci"

...Guci, guci (12), meeee, Guci, Guci (24), oooo....

Stupid, stupid, stupid. What else can be said bout these texts. Geez, chalga sucks terribly
by Beatmaster August 22, 2006

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