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3 definitions by Bean There Done That

A person who is born on the same day and same year as you.
Excited girl: "Hey Its my birthday today"
Other Girl: "No way mine too"
Excited girl:"What year were you born?"
Other Girl: "'79"
Excited Girl: "OMG! We're daydentical twins!"
by Bean There Done That January 26, 2010
Derived from the 'It's complicated' relationship option on Facebook. People who are not quite sure whats happening between them are in a complicationship.
Gossip 1: I've seen Dave and Clare together a lot recently. Are they going out?
Gossip 2: Don't think so. They're just in a complicationship.
by Bean There Done That May 18, 2010
Getting a swelling in your groin when excited by a new piece of technology.
Geek 1: "Hey did you see the new Macbook?"
Geek 2: "Oh boy, I had a full on Ertechtion."
by Bean There Done That November 17, 2009