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Similar to Atlanta but not as many skyscrapers and very spread out. The club areas are actually suburbs, Ybor City and Channelside. The area surrounding University Of South Florida is where you can get your car shot up, raped or killed.
Tampa rocks, get your mind right.
by Bay Area Don't Play August 08, 2004
The city where tourists are stupid enough to go into Magnolia and wonder why the city was named murder capital.
N.O. is well on its way to being murder capital.
by Bay Area Don't Play August 08, 2004
A black section of Memphis, TN that is super-dangerous. Bred Memphis rap duo 8Ball and MJG. The place where u are guaranteed to see shooting, carjacking and gang violence.
Straight from the underground, fat boy from the Mound.
by Bay Area Don't Play August 08, 2004
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