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1 definition by Battlefield 2

A game that would be so much better if the folks at EA didn't rush the game out the door and it wasn't filled with bugs and enormous patches that seem to break more than it fixes. Don't get me wrong, the game itself is wonderful, the graphics are good and the gameplay is pretty damn addicting but the whole package itself is pretty sloppy.

Some stuff that needs to be improved that could seriously give the game a much more improved experience:
1. Widescreen support - that's right a game this popular doesn't even have fucking widescreen support even though every 3 out of 5 PC gamers have widescreen monitors.

2. Fix the horrible UI. The server browser is clunky, the filters suck, the load times are incredibly long, the pings are always never correct. Also to make any graphical changes you need to sit through the even longer loading screens when logging into a server.

3. Stats and ranking are always screwed up one way or another.

4. The patches are absolutely monstrous so install and setup times take about 3 times longer than it really should.

5. I can't stress this enough, fix the horrible UI.

6. The expansions are way too pricey for what it adds to the game(minus Special forces which nobody plays anymore).

7. Game is severely unoptimized(not a big deal now since almost any computer 2 years old can handle it on max.) so people with semi old computers will still have quite a bit of frame rate problems. Also the shadows are horribly pixelated and it looks plain old gross.

8. Population seems to be declining rapidly due to lack of support from Dice and EA.

In other words, hand the game over to a company who wants quality over quantity.
I would be hardcore into Battlefield 2 but installing the game is such a hassle, and the bugs and messy presentation really detract from otherwise an awesome fucking game.
by Battlefield 2 November 06, 2007