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One of the most evil villians of Africa. Many say he is nearly invincible. In the 1800's, he wiped out a small village using a deadly power that only few have seen. Only 17 out of 600,000,000 survive from deadly attacks that come from Negashicus. He is still roaming the Earth today. His last name is believed to be "Negash". Many also think his first name is "Bruck", a strange name that fits with his strange, deadly powers.
There is a savior, Vegaman. Vegaman has defeated Negashicus only once. Vegaman is our savior from the evil powers of this great villian. Negashicus returned in 2003 after being defeated in 1932. Only few have seen the great battle of Negashicus and Vegaman. Both fighters are still alive today.
by Basilio Gonsalez November 06, 2010
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