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1. Someone who does unbelievably bad or jive things.

2. Someone who is an arrogant, disrespectful, fool who deserves no respect.

3. A liar.

1. Sean just stole my snickers bar, and then punched Tyler in the face, what a Jive Turkey

2. Mick just popped 11 jumpers in a row on Theo, what a jive turkey.

3. Chris told me he won the lottery, but he didnt. What a jive turkey.
by BarryJive November 18, 2008
1. Someone who lies all the time.

2. Someone who does unbelievable (usually bad) things.

3. An arrogant disrespectful punk who is full of crap.

It is considered by many to be the most insulting word. ever.
1. Sean said that he beat Andrew in madden '09, but he didn't. What a jive turkey.

2. Calello. What a jive turkey.

3. Mick and Theo think they can beat Chris and Harry in 2 on 2 basketball, what jive turkeys.
by BarryJive December 11, 2008
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