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2 definitions by Barry Seetoo-Ronk

The act of touring through various neighborhoods searching for garish, tacky or otherwise 'over-the-top' holiday displays.

A reference to the family name, Griswold, of the characters from the National Lampoon film series; most notably the National Lampoons Holiday Vacation.
We loaded up the minivan with the kids and the camcorder and headed out Griswolding.
by Barry Seetoo-Ronk December 21, 2006
A boyfriend who might just as easily be attracted to your brother or other male friends.

A possibly bi-sexual acquaintance.

A closeted bi-sexual male who usually 'dates' women but sleeps with men.

Alternate pronunciation Bifriend
I had to break up with Jeremy 'Boifriend' kept hitting on my cousin Sean.

I'm not saying Tyreke's on the down low but 'Bifriend' gots some track lighting and mad decorating skillz.

Naw we're not really dating; we just go shopping and out to eat together. He's my Boifriend/bifriend.
by Barry Seetoo-Ronk January 06, 2008