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Originated from Baseketball when Coop (Trey Parker) when his team was playing the gay team.

Then later, little Joey (the cancer boy) asks what it is.
Coop: Vajoina! releases Squeak as Watson misses his shot. Boos from the fans and the cheerleaders as an ump comes in and throws down a flag on the play Uh... No, that wasn't a gay joke, that was an Australian joke. Aw, aww!

Joey: Wow. I watched all your road games. Your psych-outs are the best.
Coop: Thanks dude. Hehuh...
Joey: Coop, what's a vajoina?
Coop: Uh... So uh, what seems to be the problem... with you, guy?
by Barry Robertson May 02, 2004

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