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1 definition by Barry Douglas Butler

The highest form of communication.
I love music. All Music. It is wonderful!

For God's sake, please listen to some music. Any kind of music! It won't hurt you. I know what I am talking about. I am a composer of some very minor pieces, and several albums, also known as compact discs, within the field
of electronic music. I earned a degree from the University of Montevallo in 1990. That's all I am ever allowed by law as of now in the United Stated to
do! And I was born here in 1966 just outside of a little tiny city called Chicago.
If you are seriously deranged or something, go away now and don't read
any further. Because what I am about to type now is the truth. Here Goes:

God gave mankind and womankind the power to compose music. See,
that was not so hard, now was it?
by Barry Douglas Butler June 25, 2007