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A person that says or does things so unbelievably stupid that you feel the burning urge to smack them (repeatedly) upside the head.
Jim: Hey Bob, did you know that Mr. T was actually white?
Bob: (walks over, smacks Jim across the head) You fucking smacktard, do you even know what you're saying?
#dumbass #shithead #dumbfuck #pussy #douche #dipdhit
by Baron Von Kristophe May 16, 2007
In Halo 3, obtaining 8 kills within 4 seconds of each other; one step up from Kilimanjaro.
Holy shit! That guy just caused a Killtastrophe!
#killtacular #kilimanjaro #overkill #halo 3 #slayer
by Baron Von Kristophe November 26, 2007
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