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A school in Punta Gorda, Florida that is full of the most annoying administrators that will indeed write you up for walking down the wrong side of the stairs and hugging too long.

PGMS is also filled with whiny guidance counselors that complain about their pathetic lives constantly.

Every single teacher in Punta Gorda Middle School thinks that they are the most important thing to have ever been born, and most of them inform the students way to much about their personal lives. Most of the employees at PGMS are so far up their own asses, I'm surprised they can still breathe.

The band is a joke, and continues to be a total fail in Charlotte High School.

There is an average amout of Emos that think they have the worst lives ever and have figured out the world's meaning and are very depressed about it, red necks that go hunting and mudding and have total disregard for the people walking down the hallway that don't want to step on the pile of sun flower seeds the just spit on the floor (which continues and is even worse at Charlotte High School.) Then there are the jockish boys and the preppy girls and then just the rest are the odd people. There is a pretty low population of ghetto kids, even though we are very close to Cooper street.

The building itself looks like a prison and feels like one too. It is three stories high and climbing those stairs several times a day to get to your classes is pretty hellish.
Person 1: who is that kid and why does he look so annoyed?
Person 2: I don't know who he is, but I just saw him walk out of Punta Gorda Middle School, so I totally understand his expression of wanting to kill someone, ESPECIALLY if he just had to talk to any of the retarded administrators.
by Barack Obamaa December 24, 2010

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