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A recent alternative for myspace for many teens, although the site was made for college students. Teens switching from myspace to facebook don't seem to realize that it is easier for those 50yrold guys to find you on facebook, especially when you are putting your full name, your address, phone number, AIM screen name, picture, highschool, age, etc. with full sense of security; where as with myspace, it is rare to see someone put any of their real info, and your only chance of getting stalked, raped, videotaped for a teen sex site, and finally killed with your body thrown in a New York dumpster is slim, and only happens when you put half naked pictures up, take yourself off of private, and talk to people you dont know informing them that you are horny and want to meet up.. eventually giving who you thought was a 16yr like yourself your address. With Facebook, you don't even have to talk to someone to be stalked, raped, and killed. Just put in all that personal info because the news never talks about facebook so it must be safe, and tada! You may be answering your door next week to the man who will murder you. Thanks Facebook! =)
My math teacher sent me a message on facebook last week! I don't know how he found me!
by Bandgeek0207 July 15, 2008
A language formally popular in the United States, predicted by scholars to become extinct by year 2020.
Immigrants these days don't even bother to learn english.
by Bandgeek0207 July 15, 2008

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