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(1)A self-absorbed and rather mentally narrow person who can only focus on hitting buttons at an angle, and who believes that they will take over the world and make flutes their slaves when it is clearly the other way around; a saxophone.

(2) A mentally obscene person or creature that has the unbelievable tendency to act like a total buffoon during any daylight hour, and after 9 PM on Saturdays; an idiot.
Definition (1) - Any person named Matt or Jacob, or boy rather, that happens to play an Alto, Bari, or Tenor Saxophone and can classify as all of the above. Used as follows: "YOU ARE SO WERID, FOOL!"

Definition (2) - Any one of your friends that you want to call stupid, and instead can use the word werid to confuse them. Such as "Hey Jill, you're werid! *thumbs up*"
by Band Geek #1 March 05, 2008

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