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Typing in all caps, all the time despite being admonished not to do so.
I haven't even met Monique, but I'll bet she's a bitch. SHE IS ALWAYS CYBER SCREAMING AT EVERYONE.
by Bambi Berkowicz October 26, 2010
A mirror check made by a dandruff shampoo user to check for flake elimination.
Brittany made a reflaketion check in the hall mirror for dandruff flakes on her black sweater before leaving for the night.
by Bambi Berkowicz October 26, 2010
Completely unreal portrayal of kids on network television shows. A combination of Youth and Optimistic, it is the industry's attempt to reinforce "good" behavior, but instead induces teen eye rolling, sighing, and head shakes as they surf for something better.
Emily used to love to watch Brady Bunch reruns until she realized how youthimistic they were.
by Bambi Berkowicz October 26, 2010
The butt ugly failed attempt at tie dying.
Heather was going for a tie dyed shirt, but ended up with a tie dead rag.
by Bambi Berkowicz October 26, 2010

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