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Revoulutionary multi-genre band. Punk, Rockabilly, psychobilly, metal, and classic rock. The Misfits covered it all better than anyone could. Gigantic stage props, Larger than life sound, and one of the biggest stage presenses ever, a misfits concert is more than a concert, it is a show. They were pioneers and influenced greater than great bands such as metallica. thats right metallica. dont think so, well, just check out some similarities of riffs... still not enough, well did i mention that metallica covered the misfits on 3 different songs? i believe i made my point on the misfits being one of the greatest bands of all time.
The Misfits are motherfucking gods!
by Ballzor! May 14, 2004
One who partakes in the gobbling of cock usually followed by guzzling the newly produced cum.
At first, i doubted. But after i saw nino gobbling cock and guzzling the cum, i knew he was a cock gobbling cum guzzler.
by Ballzor! December 10, 2004
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