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Jewish racing gold is the description of certain shades of the colour gold. It is most often applied to cars painted in a gold colour, though can also be applied to describe other items of this colour.

It is derived from the stereotype of Jewish women of a certain age having a prediliction to gold-coloured clothing and accessories, and is therefore mildly perjorative.
Shabbat shalom, her car is jewish racing gold!
by Ballin Colin June 30, 2011
The tan/gold colour that old people tend to have on their vehicles because of its blandness and sensibleness.
Your grandparents' Crysler K-Car is Old Man Tan.
by Ballin Colin June 23, 2011
A delicious food that is even better with commas, trust me.
I love chicken, pot, pie!
by Ballin Colin June 30, 2011
The lyric that should have been on the terrible song, B.Y.O.B, by System of a Down (Syndrome).
You: Blastoise, It's party time!
by Ballin Colin June 30, 2011

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