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Preferably a girl that likes to be random, sarcastic, and make everyone laugh. You'll never know what to expect, whether it be an action, or a statement from Tasha.
Your friend is yelling at someone about a serious matter, then turns around and looks at you (as long as your not the one being yelled at) and says "So, How ya doin?". That friend of yours, would definitely be a Tasha.
by Baker Gurl 09 February 28, 2010
When you are just sitting there, with no one talking, and all of a sudden, a girl yells "OMG did I tell you??" and proceeds to tell the story.
You are sitting on the couch, with no one talking, just sitting there and watching TV. When all of a sudden, your friend (preferably a girl) Yells "OMG did I tell you??" And tells the story of the dream she had last night. That's a Jessiey..
by Baker Gurl 09 February 22, 2010

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