10 definitions by Badwick Tsuraide

Be back on later,

similiar to brb or g2g,
as it signifies leaving,
as by signing off,
but promises a later return
in the same day

bbol > brb
bbol < g2g
>g2g, bbol
>be back on later, n00b
>stfu, j00 R a n00b
>Wtf is that? j00? R a? You're such a nerd!!
>Nah, stfu
>anyways, bbol
by Badwick Tsuraide August 12, 2006
Version of "The Ass" as a curse,
used like "Damnit"
asu da, why would you do that?
by Badwick Tsuraide July 21, 2006
Reference to "Tenacious D"
The band formed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass
You hear about The D's new movie,
It's in production now!
by Badwick Tsuraide May 08, 2006

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