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2 definitions by Bad Cheetah

A tiny little island floating off the coast of Frenchland. I've heard that british people come from Britland... which actually makes sense if you think about it
Britland is the home of many british people
by Bad Cheetah November 22, 2007
Mondane is a small insignificant country located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Mondane produces great poultry items such as chickens, chicken farmers, chicken feed, chicken clothes, chicken accessories and chicken houses. Its just basically a chicken country. However, no-one is sure whether this chicken country even exists.
Jeff: Hey fred i havent seen you in a while. Where ya been?
Fred: oh i just came back from Mondane.
Jeff: What the beef is a 'Mondane'?
by Bad Cheetah November 22, 2007