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1 definition by Bad Brain

SHARP punks and Skins. The SHARP stands for "Skinheads against racial Prejudice". SHARPS are true punks because thats what punks rock was always about from the beggning,uniting all people despite there differences, and not conforming to the bullshit ways of society, and kicking the shit out of facist racist fuckers with no heart.

Black or White PuNx UNITE!
Nazi idiot fake punk: Hey look at the Mexican he's a Beaner! Look at that Asian he's a Chink! Look at that black guy he's a Nigger!

SHARP Punk: What did you say?

SHARP Punk #2: Yeah, What did you say?

SHARP Punk #3: What did you say little bitch?

SHARP Punk #4: WHAT?!

SHARP Skins: umm, what the fuck dude....

(10 minutes later "Nazi idiot fake punk" ends up in hospital..)

by Bad Brain July 17, 2008