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ghet (gheț, ghetz) is widely used in the North-West of Romania and has a wide range of meanings, depending on the context.

1. ghet (verb. 'A ghețăli') = sperm

2. 'Ce ghet?' = 'What the fuck?'
Ce ghetu meu vrei? = What the fuck do you want?

3. 'Da-te-n ghet!' = 'Go fuck yourself!'

4. 'In ghetu meu' = 'God damnit', 'fucking'
In ghetu meu de masina = Fucking car
In ghetu meu, am muscat-o = God damnit, i got fucked.

5. Ghet = (being a) shit, shitty ...
Esti un ghet = You're a shit
Dinamo e un ghet de echipa = Dinamo is a crappy(ghet) team
Bob: Ce faci mai ghet? (What are you doing asshole?)
Ron: Da-te-n ghetu meu de magar. (Fuck off jackass)
Gin: Ce ghetu meu are Ron? (What the fuck is wrong with Ron?)
Bob: Îi un ghet de om. (He's a shitty person)
by Bacchus aka. Dionysus November 05, 2009

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