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Sexual Act:

When a woman is asleep and her male counterpart successfully performs intercourse to the point of inter-vaginal ejaculation without waking her up.

If the woman becomes impregnated the child must be named Jonathan, regardless of its gender so that the male's friends can covertly understand exactly how the child was conceived.

The act must be performed without the use of sleep enhancers, e.g. Roofies, or alcohol.
Dude1: "This is my daughter, Jonathan."

Dude2: "You are my hero." (Laughs uncontrollably)

Girl: "What is so funny? Is it because my daughter has a boy's name? Fuck you, Dude 2!"

Dude1 and Dude2 High-Five. "Soft Jonathan" successful.
by Baby Jonathan November 05, 2011
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