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A middling singer who thought she'd cash on in the cutesy-jangly ukulele train of indie horseshit.
Ingrid Michaelson: "Everybody everybody"
Everybody: "SHADDUP!"
by BUUTTT June 11, 2010
This single by Train gained popularity after headlining the compilation album "Now That's Who I Call a Bunch of Posing Prancing Cockmouths, Volume One."
If your date starts singing along to the opening buttfuck moans of Hey Soul Sister, shove her out of the car and run.
by BUUTTT June 11, 2010
When a sausage-party / stag do turns into a place of philosophical discussion, with the help of liquor and boredom from having no chicks to chase.
You didn't miss anything dude, After Jen split, the do at Nick's turned into the Stagora.

Dave can't handle when things get too real, he'd rather fight than go to the Stagora.
by BUUTTT September 13, 2011

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