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A Variety of prescription or non-prescription medication of choice stored in a plastic bottle (prescription bottle), when shaken gives off the same sound of an irritated rattle snake. Rattler
"Man, chill out, you need a hit off my rattler"?
by BTLS fan, Bubba ARMY October 29, 2006
Slang term usally heard on trucker's CB channels, used to informed other truckers of the presence of a police officer (CHP). Polar Bear get the name from their white unmarked patrol vehicles.
"Driver, you got a Polar Bear N/B I-5"
by BTLS fan, Bubba Army October 30, 2006
The act the follows after eating or drinking something that does not settle well with the stomach. Usually found in the toilet, comes in a variety of colors, but the shape always remains the same.
After eating some bad food I went into the restroom and made "Dirty Water".
by BTLS fan, Bubba ARMY October 31, 2006

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