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A multi-meaning word which originated as prison slang in Louisiana, particularly South Louisiana and is primarily used in those areas.

Josing can be defined as the following:

1. Serving time in jail or prison.

2. Participating in an activity or distraction, particularly in jail, which makes the time seem to pass faster.

3. The act of joking at someone else's expense, especially in jail but also used in street context.
(Variation 1)
"My boy been josing for 3 years off a gun charge."

(Variation 2)
"Man if we could smoke in the parish jail we'd be straight josing."

(Variation 3)
"We was straight up josing off that boy all day - he got drove as fuck."
by BR Phat March 02, 2013
A gullible or easily fooled person; an easy target for any kind of trickery.

Some examples:
- Someone who is an easy target for police
- Someone easily robbed or jacked
- Someone who won't retaliate or defend themselves
- Someone who is easy to con or run game on
- Someone who is fake

Originates from the act of duck hunting - the duck is easily hunted and taken out by the hunter.
"I hit a lick on that duck ass fool for 10 racks because his stupid ass didn't have a tool."

"That fuckin' duck let them people search his car and got pieced up."
by BR Phat March 03, 2013
Prison slang for a meal, cooked up by inmates in a sink with hot water, consisting of multiple foods from commissary to create something that tastes better and is more unique and filling than these items alone. Commissary foods are typically limited and simplistic easy-to-prepare foods or snack foods, so some creativity is needed.

Common foods used in a hook-up are:
- 'Soups' (Ramen Noodles)
- Cheese or Cheese-Based Dips (Jalapeno Dip, etc.)
- Mayonnaise Packets
- Chips or Ritz-type Crackers
- Preserved Meats (Summer Sausage, Sardines, Beef Jerky, Tuna Fish, etc.)
- Etc.

A molie is a version of a hook-up which is made from sweet foods only, rolled in a dough made from crushed up cookies and water.
Hook-Up (Jail):

1. "You goin' in on the hook-up tonight?"

2. "Go holla at ya cellie and see if he got some sardines or tuna for the hook-up."

3. "Throw in a honey bun on this snack hook-up."
by BR Phat March 04, 2013
A term originating in South Louisiana, and primarily used in such (i.e. by Baton Rouge rappers such as Lil Phat and Lil Boosie).

Retonto is a disambiguation of 'retarded' in a context meaning 'dumb', 'stupid', 'crazy', etc. It originates as a cross-language compound word consisting of the English word 'Retarded' and the word 'Tonto' which, in Spanish and Italian means 'Dumb' or 'Silly', and in some Native American languages means 'wild one'.

Therefore, Retonto is essentially a cross between 'Retarded', 'Dumb', and 'Wild'.
"Them boys don't go HAM, they go straight Retonto"

"Baton Rouge is straight Retonto"
by BR Phat June 13, 2013
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