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Well, Since most of the info is covered here already, I'll recap. Sometimes the emotional pain can be too much. Sometimes you just can't cope with it all. Cutting offers a brief, if effective, relief. By causing shallow lacerations in the flesh, one releases natural endorphins into the blood which can ease pain or cause uplifting feelings. Many people who suffer from depression or single instances of strong emotional trauma resort to cutting as a way to escape the pain. Regardless of the chemical properties of self-inflicted injury, the fact of the matter is that if you have strong physical pain, then your emotional/mental stresses seem lessened due to the human brain's lack of multitasking capabilities. There are quite a few misconceptions circulating about "cutters" and the like. Many are attributed to being "emo fags," but in most cases such is not the truth. While it is true that many people in depressive moods tend to gravitate towards music that can convey the feelings that they are experiencing, Not all people who listen to such music are cutters, or even depressed. People who resort to cutting aren't "insane" or "unstable" because of this, although people who ARE unstable may cut themselves. Another misconception is that cutters are merely seeking attention. While this might be the case in some situations, it's not very common at all. Who would willingly inflict pain on themselves simply for the notice of another? People suffering from such advanced depression should not be vilified, but helped. Speaking as a cutter myself, I can say that anyone who is negative towards those with problems should take a nice big peek in the mirror and not be so quick to judge.
Me: Sometimes the pain is just too much, and I find myself cutting.

Stranger: What are you, mental? An attention whore? GET OVER YOURSELF!

Me: (///_-)
by BOR21 May 29, 2008

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