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words that rappers use to add syllables to lines because they don't have a good enough vocabulary to do it without a thesaurus
...Yo dawg, we be rollin down to the liquor sto
Let's pop that muthafuckin pussy, bitch ass ho...

TOM: "This song has too many curse words, it seems that the rapper can't rhyme using real words."
BOB: "I conquer my good man."
by BOB THE COB May 23, 2007
another word for masturbating
john was chuckin the corndog in the school bathroom.
by BOB the COB February 26, 2007
the worst medical procedure known to man. It is when they cut out your balls that have been infected with herpes.
Tom screwed a nasty ho and got a bad case of ballular herpes...he had to get a herpasectomy.
by bob the cob September 02, 2007

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