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A real thug with shine and swagga who anyone can count on at any time of night. The most pimped crispy fresh clothing, pimped cars and bling that's so iced out it'll give you frost bite just from looking at it....that's BO$$ Playa
Did you see that guy with the 4 hos in the back of the Caddy on DUBS wearin all that bling, that pimp is a BO$$ Playa
by BO$$ PLAYAH February 17, 2009
The correct street spelling of gangster or gangstar: a true G that has all the class of a pimp and the swagger of a thug wrapped into one man, a gang$tar
That mofo sittin on them 26's is a true gang$tar
by BO$$ PLAYAH February 17, 2009

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