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Acting in according to the political phiolosophies set out by Niccolo Machiavelli, a Florentine Philosopher/Political Scientist living in the sixteenth century.
Contrary to popular belief, a true follower of Machiavelli, or a Machiavellian, is not a cold hearted, soulless being willing to use any means necessary to claw his way to the top of the political spectrum. Rather, even a cursory reading of The Prince or of the Discourses on Livy reveal that Machiavelli's ideal politician is one who subsumes his personal interests and if possible his personal identity to forward the good of the state that he works for. (which does not necessarily mean for the good of the world, just his own little community.)
#politics #thinkers #philosophies #stupidity #machiavelli
by Blah Blahson January 01, 2008
A somewhat derogatory name for the computer game Ultima 8, said so in large part because in comparison with the previous games emphasis on character interaction and plot, this game featured many "puzzles" in which the avatar (your character) had to jump from platform to platform, with an automatic death sentance for missing a jump, reminiscent of the older nintendo Mario games.
Ultima Dragon 1 : Damn, I expected better from that game.
Ultima Dragon 2 : Which Ultima was it?
Ultima Dragon 1 : Super Avatar Bros
Ultima Dragon 2 : Well, it's at least way better than Ultima 9, that gawdawful piece of shit
#mediocre #ultima #avatar #computer game #rpgs.
by BLAH BLAHSON October 22, 2007
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