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1 definition by BLACKTAR KING OF THE OZONE!!

Black Tar Heroin; aka H, Ron, Tar, The Black. It is a substance varying from powder to a sticky tar-like consistency with color ranging from orangish-brown to black. It is consumed by placing a small piece of BTH on the dull side of tin-foil, and administering flame to the underside of the tar, in an attempt to heat the substance substantially enough to phase-change to vapor. The user leads the gooey trails with the lighter in front and follows behind with a straw in mouth. This process is also commonly referred to "Chasing the Dragon."
Yo you wanna chase bro? I got that BTH boy, that good shit man. Lets smoke some shit tonight bro.
by BLACKTAR KING OF THE OZONE!! February 11, 2011
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