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1 definition by BL0ND3xMOM3NTS

Sexiest guy ever! Is like a freaking goddess. Looks amazing in skinny jeans. And he rocked Camp Rock. When he plays the tambourine that makes the tambourine sexy. Everything he touches is sexy. His a part of the Jonas Brothers band. His brothers are Nick, Kevin, and Frankie. Although only Nick and Kevin are in the band. His real name is Joseph Adam Jonas. Joe is the funny one. <3 Some of his nicknames are JJ, DJ Danger, and Joe because his real name is Joseph. He is 5' 10. And along with the tambourine he does lead vocals, guitar, and keyboard. He has amazing muscles and enjoys running and working out. His favorite drink is Orange Gatorade. yumm. =] He became home schooled in seventh grade. As a child he collected G.I. Joe action figures and pens. His favorite sport is soccer. He likes math. And his favorite author is Dr. Suess. His favorite holiday is Valentine's Day <3. He owns five guitars. He likes to play Monopoly. And he likes the High School Musical movies. He is Christian and wears a purity ring along with his brothers. His favorite shows are Boy Meets World, Lost, Heroes, Friends, and Most Extreme Challenge. His favorite foods are chicken cutlet sandwhich with mayo, snow cones, and his Grandma's homemade pizza. He likes the 80s. And his trade mark is his headbands. He makes headbands sexy too. His favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber. His favorite color is blue. And he likes Wiffel Ball. His birthday is August 15, 1989. He was original Newjersian so you know hes awesome and SEXY!
If Joe Jonas said breathing wasn't cool, 95% of teenage girls would be dead.
by BL0ND3xMOM3NTS July 21, 2008
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