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Someone who is like an average fucker, but a bit nastier.
Man, he is one bad motherfukker.
You fukker.
by BJOB O'Brien December 13, 2007
A super hero whose special power is to compulsively arrive at the scene of a crime hours befor it happens and then has to pooch around for fukin ages before foiling the criminals.
Stop there criminals.
Yo itz Early Man, how long you been waiting there you cock sucking butt fukker.
by BJOB O'Brien December 13, 2007
To choke poke is to be fukkin your bird in a place where you shouldn't be and she making so much noise that you have to start chokin her to get that bitch to shut the fuck up.
Cmon girl, if you dont keep it down, Im gonna have to ChokePoke ya.
by BJOB O'Brien February 03, 2008
A word used to describe anything bad. Refers to 'raghead' ie being a smelly arab with a rag on yo head. Used in the same way as 'gay'.
Man, dat shit is so gay.
Ye man, its well raggy.
by BJOB O'Brien December 13, 2007
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