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BJ POWER, is a rap group combining the lyrical ingenuity of BJ WAFA with the beat making skills of OTA.
n. "When you get BJ WAFA together with OTA, to make BJ POWER, then you start to get a REAL song."
by BJ WAFA April 08, 2010
An awesome dance. Only the coolest, and most experienced members of the WAFA CREW know the dance. Creators of the dance: BJ WAFA, OTA.
n. "Do that fucking WAFA Dance!"
by BJ WAFA April 08, 2010
Derived from: Brad, Joey, and the word WAFA. A rap-group based out of Maple Valley, WA. Started in the winter of 2009, now a very prominent rap-group in the area, making songs primarily with OTA.
n. "BJ WAFA's cool tunes make me wet."
by BJ WAFA April 08, 2010
We Are Fucking Awesome. Also a shortened version of citing BJ WAFA.
adj. "Dude those tunes are so WAFA."
n. "Have you heard WAFA's new stuff?"
by BJ WAFA April 08, 2010

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