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The process of smoking marijuana while driving a vehicle of your choice. The same as booze cruising only with weed.
Dumbass: Man its fuckin cold out in this bitch, but i need to smoke!!!
Smart Toker: No worries man we'll just go bull cruising around this block. Let us get high as mother fuckin kites!!!
by BITCHTITS MCGEE October 17, 2007
(adj)- in sports; it is a person (general manager, owner, etc) who believes a player from a different city is a quality player, when in actuality it is the national media hyping the play of said player.
Hopefully Matt Forte will gain enough national credit to attract "out of town stupid" gm's to trade a good player for him.
by Bitchtits Mcgee November 16, 2009
To rudely move someone or something out of your way by hitting them with your shapely ass.
Don't podunkadunk me, i'll move damnit.
by Bitchtits McGee November 01, 2007

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