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3 definitions by BElling

Empathetic embarrassment felt for the sake of another who is incapable of shame or unaware that they should feel shame.
Seeing that guy dance sets my proxy embarrassment off.

Whenever Glenn Beck has a freakout on TV, I feel proxy embarrassment.

Even though she tries hard, I can't listen to her singing without it setting off my proxy embarrassment.
by BElling February 24, 2010
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Gratuitous movie/TV/Video game violence for its own sake, not pushing a higher objective or agenda. Think the difference between the movie Glory and your standard Chuck Norris movie. One shows graphic violence to show the brutal reality of war, and the other shows violence to glorify brutality and to stimulate a sort of jingoistic gladiator-spectator glee in the viewer.

Like pornography, but with violence, not sex.
"Did you see the Matrix?" "Yeah, it was warnography, but it was a fun movie."
by BElling April 29, 2010
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A fashionably brain-dead person is someone who typically is wealthy, tan, dresses well, and keeps "popular" company, but who is completely unreflective and prone to drama about petty personal issues.
Did you see his fashionably brain-dead girlfriend? She's good-looking, but I think I'd stab myself if I had to talk to her for more than five minutes.

The party was good enough, but the company was a little too fashionably brain-dead for my taste.
by BElling April 29, 2010
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