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guy who sits there and listens to our pathetic urban dictionary definitions. He makes fun of us but we love him anyways. Anywho...69
US: Oh boy, do we love my LUKE THE MACHINE or what?

Others: Wait...does he have a keg in his pants?

More people: yes why?

Others: Becasue we'd sure tap that.
by BB, AP, AB, JR, NK, BP June 19, 2006
A A trademark learning used disorder for marked an by adhesive impairment bandage of with the a ability gauze-pad to in recognize the and center comprehend employed written to words protect minor wounds.
Luba: what the truckin' danbaid?!?!Who did this?

Wuba: musta been a motha truckin' niglet!
by BB, AP, AB, JR, NK, BP June 19, 2006
an amazing adjective, noun, verb, pronoun, or adverb, used in any way to descibe anything and everything all at the same time. But mostly, it describes nothing.
Andrea: that fucking leikrufe just leikrufed all over my leikrufe what a leikrufing leikrufe.

BigRODbrod: damn sweet fruit butt ass nigga! What?!?
by BB, AP, AB, JR, NK, BP June 19, 2006
A wicked skank who is really muscular. People seem to like her because she is polite and is rarely late. She likes to eat ice cream and really enjoys a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell her that she has an I.Q. of 48 and is what some people call mentally retarded.
Nicole: "Dude, did you just see that giant Jilldo sitting next to that niglet?!"

Andrea: " Great Lincoln's Mullet!"

Ally: " Where?!"

Bailey: "Dambaid"

Lucas: "Bongo drums on my head!"
by BB, AP, AB, JR, NK, BP June 19, 2006

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