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A common disorder affecting people with an ipod or other Mp3 Player. Involves the uncharacteristic switching of songs after roughly 2-30 seconds of playing a song because of the great shuffle feature. This disorder more commonly affects the owner of ipod shuffles.
Friend 1: Oh, I hate this song!
Friend 2: I love it!
Friend 1: I'm skipping this one. {Listens for 5 seconds} And this one.
Friend 2: God! I swear, you've got Ipod ADD!!!
by B.I.G. Edd March 16, 2006
Someone who has experience in the restaurant business, whether front of the house or back of the house. Only a foodie would know what the hell that meant. A foodie is very familiar with all aspects of a restaurant. Tends to stay in the business for a majority of their life. (excludes college students just in the restaurant business to get them through their schooling)
Once a foodie, always a foodie!
by B.I.G. Edd March 28, 2006

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