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3 definitions by B. Robinson

from Sp. criollo "person native to a locality," from Port. crioulo, dim. of cria "person (especially a servant) raised in one's house," from criar "to raise or bring up," from L. creare "to produce, create." The exact sense varies with local use. ORIGINALLY with no connotation of color or race

1. a person born in the West Indies or Spanish America but of European, usually Spanish, ancestry.
2. a person born in Louisiana but of usually French ancestry.
3. (sometimes lowercase) a person of mixed black and European, esp. French or Spanish, ancestry who speaks a creolized form of French or Spanish.
4. (usually lowercase) a creolized language; a pidgin that has become the native language of a speech community.
5. the creolized French language of the descendants of the original settlers of Louisiana. Cajun
6. Haitian Creole.
7. a black person born in the New World, as distinguished from one brought there from Africa. –adjective
8. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a Creole or Creoles.
9. a spicy sauce or dish made esp. with tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery, and seasonings, and often served with rice.
10. bred or growing in a country, but of foreign origin, as an animal or plant.

Beyoncé just HAD to write a song about her being part Creole, not just "regular black"...as if the world didn't know this about her already. Apparently she credits her beauty on this fact.
by B. Robinson June 22, 2007
A young vocalist who is pretty talented for her age but no Whitney Houston as many claim her to be. Signed to Def Jam records by Jay-Z in 2006, but has yet to really release anything. (?) She plays piano and makes sure to take pictures with every single famous person that she encounters. Her parents and family use her at every opportunity to meet famous people and take pictures as well. Probably won't get very far, sadly enough, considering the fact that her family will probably spend all her money.

That girl Karina Pasian has met EVERY single person in the R&B music world...and has hundreds of pictures to prove it. But where is her album? Sex sells, so Def Jam is just waiting for her to turn 17 so they can sex her up.
by B. Robinson May 31, 2007
The feeling a child (or immature adult) gets when it's somebody elses birthday and not their own.

(Personally, I'm good as long as I still get cake and ice cream.)
Girl 1: "I can't wait until Monica sees what I bought for her birthday...what did you get her?"

Girl 2: "I'm not goin' to that stupid party! I wish it was my birthday!" (stomps off)

Girl 1: "Wow...talk about birthday envy."
by B. Robinson May 10, 2007