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When someone makes a U-Turn to avoid a toll booth
Mort: Hold on im gonna make a Jew turn here theres a toll coming up.
Schindler: Aww cmon!
by B-dizzle and J Bird August 11, 2010
This is the opposite of the male "jacking off", a girl masturbating can be referred to as Jilling On.
Jon: "Dude I just caught some girl jilling on in the bathroom!"
Brian:"Wow I love co-ed bathrooms!"
Robcat:"Did she really Jill On? thats hilarious!"
by B-dizzle and J Bird April 22, 2010
The bottom of a man's sack.
Jon:"Brian does your Under Sack smell?..mine does.
Brian:"No I wash my Under Sack everyday.
by B-dizzle and J Bird May 08, 2010
The ability for something to be so awesome you can nut to it. Normally this should be used in context for a possession though it can be used to refer to a hot girl.
Jon: "I just got this new bed its so nutable!"

Brian: "No way my TV is nutable too!"

Robcat: "Ha you know whats nutable, your mom!"
by B-dizzle and J Bird April 26, 2010
A sexual act which begins by spreading your own feces on your significant others body by using ones penis. Afterwards the couple will engage in anal sex while the man massages the woman.
Jon: Yo, I just gave my girl an Islamic Massage!
Brian: Nice Bro! my girl isn't into that.
by B-dizzle and J Bird January 21, 2010
A unknown spot on every mans body that causes him to automatically ejaculate. The Jizz Spot may sometimes be in an inconvenient spot such as the leg or the arm, although uncomfortable us men all have to go through this.
Brian:"Dammit Jon touch my jizz spot one more time!"
Jon: "Hahaha"
Brian: -pokes Robcat's Jizz Spot"-
Robcat: "Cmon guys i just changed underwear"
by B-dizzle and J Bird April 26, 2010

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