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A beautiful, strong girl who has a lot to deal with but does it with a smile on her face. Rylie's are good actresses, so study their face carefully, because they could be smiling on the outside, but in deep pain on the inside (Their eyes usually give it away). She's the girl all the guys are after. Secretly, she's insecure, but not much. She doesn't like to tell people how she's feeling, or her problems, so if she suddenly erupts at meaningless things, then that's why, give her a break. Rylie's are smart, sweet, interesting, random, crazy, fun to be around, and very very pretty, even if she doesn't think so.
Person 1 "That girl is crazy!"

Person 2 "Heck ya! But she's so pretty!"

Person 1 "She must be a Rylie."
by B-E-A-utiful:) February 22, 2010

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