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A Gracia is a chick that's worth getting to know, she radiates beauty - inside and out. She's not one that most would notice at first sight, but she will put you in awe once you get to know her. She's original, amazing, different in all the perfect ways and her beauty is undeniable. She's one who cares for others and rarely has someone to care for herself. She may appear as a strong chick at first, but once you get her to know her on a deeper level, you'll see she's a vunerable person. She's been there, gone through hell and back - and that's what pushes her through life. A Gracia has mesmerizing eyes - just looking into them will make one lose their mind and fall deep in love with her, without necessarily trying. She's one who doesn't let harsh reality get the best out of her. A Gracia is full of spirit and will surely change your life in the most positive way. She has an adorable smile that will force you to smile no matter what - even when you're crazy pissed off. She's ridiculously sweet and anyone who is lucky enough to know a true Gracia should never let her go because they won't find another girl like her.
Guy 1: God look at them lovely ladies over there
Guy 2: They're not bad, but don't compare to Gracia
Guy 1 and 2: *nods in agreement* damn straight

Guy 1: Yo?! Why so mad bro?
Guy 2: I was cut from the hockey team...
Guy 1: Talk to Gracia, she'll cheer ya up
Guy 3: No need to even talk to her... Just look at her and she'll cheer you up

BF: Why the hell the you have to be so un-lady like?
GF: What do you mean?! Who do you wish I were more like?
BF: Learn to be more like Gracia!

How do I put this... A Gracia is heaven made and approved by god. Men flock to her, women envy her, baby girl so major they should just front page her!
by B-E-A-UTIFUL August 22, 2012

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