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People, who have very little values, character traits, or self-respect. They are generally less able to make a success of themselves, since they spend most of their time and resources either purchasing a substance, sitting on a couch high for a temporary amount of time, or actually bragging about being high. When they get older and mature, they realize how much time and money they've wasted in order to have unhealthy lungs, bad memory, a criminal record, difficulty getting a job, and lack of muscle tone due to physical inactivity. On the other hand, people who become involved in weightlifting, sports, and other productive activities are known to have healthier minds and bodies, leading to self-confidence, self-discipline, women, and six figure salaries. Drug users tend to live in Ghettos or trailers, using their welfare money that comes from ambitious people's tax money to pay for marijuana, alcohol, ramen noodles, attire from Walmart, satellite TV, and the newest rap album which coincidentally has lyrics promoting their pathetic lifestyle. Why do you think drug use and crime is a problem in the urban, low class areas opposed to wealthy, suburban areas?
Jim sits around and smokes pot all day, being a typical Stoner, while Joe is working out, wrestling, playing golf and working hard for good grades. Joe ends up becoming a man, driving a Mercedes-Benz, marrying a woman who isn't a fat piece of trash and having a longer life. Jim ends up living in an apartment complex, and becomes dependent on government food stamps for the rest of his life. Hes basically a woman.
by B from NC May 26, 2008

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