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2 definitions by B RAD G

Where a group of hardcore gamers (DA BROOD BABY), stay up for as long as they physically can playing Final Fantasy Xl. The consumption of large amounts of caffiene is a common practice at these Fiestas. Tea being the most common form. Why they are named Fiestas is beyond me but the people who created them are such damn P.I.M.P.s that i don't question it. The members have to keep eachother awake by means of drawing on their faces, slapping them, or inserting jolly ranchers into their anuses (Ok and that is just great fun right there). They are also known as FF Fiestas and are extremely uber and you should definatley try it.
Gamer: Dude, lets have an Final Fantasy Fiesta this weekend.
Gamer 2: Hells yea negro, I wanna lvl 7 times... (In Denmark)
by B RAD G July 22, 2006
What true playas do in their free time.
Pimp: Yo negro u done pimpin yo hoes? We gotta play some hoops ma brotha.

Playa: Yea ma nig, she ain't mean nothin to me shes just a bitch.
by B RAD G July 21, 2006