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the method of putting dog shit on the end of a microphone and gettin people to talk into it
get that dirty-mic outta my face fo' i break my foot off in yo ass
by B&K(AKA) WOZ February 15, 2003
the method of going into a house and trying to remove a lightbulb from a turned on light with your tounge..... while people are doin it
(MOANING)...(SCREAMS).. owwwwwwwwwww my tounge.. get outta here you dirty lamp liker were try'n to do it
by B&K(AKA) WOZ February 15, 2003
the methode of stepping in shit and then wate until it becomes dry and cruty and then you get your girl frien/wife to remove it with thier toung.
hey baby i stept in dog shit earlyer wana waite a whiel and do some shoe suckin
by B&K(AKA) WOZ February 15, 2003
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